What is a Talisman?
A Talisman is any object, design or symbol known to be in possession of magical or divine power of its own which is transmitted to the wearer. The solitary function of a white magic Talisman is to provide Ignition to awaken powerful knowingness, transformations and integrations in an individual expression, which already IS.

A Talisman may produce a solitary vibration for a single result, such as a Money Maker, or can produce multiple results. A Talisman is an educator that can be utilized in both short and long term taught & caught learning.

About Ronnie Ray
Dr. Ron has found balance in his life by experiencing who HE IS. Ron & his wife Linda, married in 1974, own and operate a successful mainstream privately owned National Behavioral Health Care Company providing therapeutic & management services to over 450 organizations. With 80 employees, Holman manages 1200 new patients per month with precision.

Dr. Ron has been drawn to minerals & gems his whole life, Ron has a real affinity with the Mineral Kingdom. Some shaman and medicine men can walk into the jungle or the desert and know a plant, its purpose & healing qualities. Ron has that kind of rapport with gems.

Each gem is individually selected for a specific reason and outcome results. Like there is chemistry between people or not, there is a chemistry of sorts with gems & minerals. Each Talisman comes together individually. The person wearing or carrying the Talisman on their body receives the vibratory value, the energy and the message from the Talisman.

As each ONE is an individual our true NATURE is really ONE. In BEING our true NATURE, we are all that IS, WAS and WILL BE occurs simultaneously. The JOB of the Talisman is simply to awaken a known recognition.

Once the individual recognizes the Talisman vibration & energy in their FIELD, the Talisman's job is done, and can be given away or its component parts can be utilized as parts in a new Talisman. The goal is recognition of what is in BEING is the goal rather than dependency on anything specific like Talisman, a practice, meditation, philosophy or religion.

Life is about having fun and making a difference. If you are having all the fun you can stand, keep doing what you are doing. If you want something more, a Talisman can open a door.

How Does a Talisman Work?
A Talisman, once activated, emanates a specific & complex energetic vibration that resonates in and around the wearer. Like two tuning forks, one fork made to vibrate can activate the other fork in proximity through a sympathetic resonance. The White Wizards magic Talisman is intended to awaken a resonate recognition within the wearer. Once one is aware of that knowing recognition of the Talisman's vibrational energy, that is it. The Talisman's job is done. That Talisman can then be passed on to awaken someone else to that knowingness.

How Do I Get a Talisman?
All written requests for Talisman will be considered. If accepted, a written description of the active energy the Talisman produces will be given to you with a price for the Talisman. Talisman cost $50 to $50,000 or more. Click here to order a Talisman.